The Right Tools for the Job

Transmission Jack

Transmission Jack

We offer bay and lift rental along with our vast selection of specialty tools. Don’t spend hours working on your garage floor under jack stands. Our mechanics are always ready to assist you in your auto repair. Get the job done safely and properly!



Lift Rental & Tools

Lift Rental with Tool Cart

Lift Rental with Tool Cart

Lift rental comes standard with a fully loaded tool cart and also includes access to specialty tools such as: Strut spring compressor, transmission jacks, screw jacks, pullers & installers, specialty wrenches and rachets, torque wrenches, steel work benches and more…

Flat bay rentals are great for stereo installation, window tinting, vehicle wrapping, basically anything you can think of that requires a good deal of room and is away from the sun.

*Only authorized mechanics are allowed to use these without supervision.

Our Pricing

Save money and do-it-yourself
  • Bay w/ Lift & Tool Cart » $25 / HR
  • Bay w/ Lift (bring your own tools) » $20 / HR
  • Flat Bay Only (bring your own tools) » $10 / HR
  • Overhead Chain Hoist » $10 / HR
  • Welder » $10 / HR
  • Use of Diagnostics / Electronics» Technician Only
  • Code Checking » FREE, Technician Only
  • 1st Over Night Storage » FREE
  • Additional Over Night Storage » $10/day
  • Online Parts & Service Manuals » FREE
  • Advice & Guidance » FREE

*$6.00 Supply Charge is also applicable. This charge covers tool loss, breakage, cleaning supplies, lubes and other chemicals.
**1.75% tax added to bay & lift rentals (City of Mesa Tax)
***$20 every 15 minutes charged for hands on technician labor (estimated times)

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