El Camino Restomod & LS1 Swap Build: Part II

Rust in an Arizona Car – It does happen!
After giving all of the inside a complete blasting we come to find out that the rust on the floor pans was more than we expected. The only remedy for rustzilla is to do a floor pan replacement and that is no easy task. Luckily my father Bob is a man of many skills and I think he even impressed himself with this one. Obviously we have more work to do on the underside of the car to make the repairs less noticeable but it will pay off in the end. The floor pans that we purchased were not fitting the way they should have and took some work to get fitted. Images are available below.


Engine and Transmission are on their way!
Found a great deal from a seller that specializes in recovery of LSx engines in Florida. The power train was harvested from a 1999 Camaro Z28 that met it’s (rear)end. The LS1 power train comes as a complete drop-in even including ECM and wiring harness! Fingers crossed that it arrives within the next week. Engine image is also shown below. The entire engine install is most likely going to take less time than the floor pan repairs!

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In 2010 a dream became reality when our family founded DIY Performance Automotive. As an automobile enthusiast I always loved the idea of starting up a do-it-yourself auto repair shop. Arizona is rich in car culture and there are plenty of people that need the right tools and a safe environment to work on cars. My father Robert, our lead mechanic represents our professional auto repair business. The unique ability of our business to offer these options truely sets us apart from the competition.

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